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Urban Agility ~ All-Terrain Durability.


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Hero s8 s9 video electric scooter Hero Rider USA

Hero Scooters come with a 12 month warranty!

The Hero scooter achieved IP54 water resistance testing. No e-scooter should be intentionally submerged in water, but don't panic if you encounter a splash or two of water while riding the Hero. 

Which Hero should I get?

Stunning Hero S8 scooter is designed for all terrain riding with sturdy 4 piston suspension. It features 8" x 3.5" wide airless tires for that extra tread to ride through rougher terrain. The S9 comes with air-filled tires for a slightly softer ride.

The scooters are very similar. Speed and range are nearly the same.

Need to stop on a dime?

Need a lot of juice?

Go far with 48V 21Ah Electric Car Grade DMEGC Cells on the S8 and S9 that are highly  chosen by businesses. With 800 - 1000 charge cycles you can expect many fun filled adventures! The Hero scooter comes with advanced technology certified charger.

3 Braking systems for exceptional braking! The Hero S8 comes with disc brakes and the Hero S9 is fitted with drum brakes. In addition to the disc or drum option, both models are equipped with an electric motor brake setting on the LCD for added braking power allowing instantaneous stopping.


12 month warranty on all Hero scooters! We aim to supply our customers with the most cost efficient replacement parts on the market today. Our goal is to provide excellent service for years to come!

Financing available with 0% interest!

Need financing? PayPal credit: pay no interest if you pay it off in 6 months! For more information click below.

Hero S8 Electric scooter

The Hero S8 electric scooter has disc brakes and 4 spring piston suspension! Enjoy all terrain riding on this scooter! Climb up to 20 degree slopes with this powerful scooter!

Acrylic light features!

Hero's 3D bright Acrylic deck lights flash to the music rhythm with 16 million color options! Change color with an app or remote to make your E-scooter stand out from others! The Hero S8 & S9 lights flash to the rhythm on multiple scooters simultaneously. Get your Hero and heads will turn when you pass by! 

Speed and mobility!

Both S8 and S9 models offer a top speed of 30 mph. The Hero S8 is an all terrain scooter that offers you power and durability! The Hero S9 is an urban commuter designed to provide you with effortless agility!

Max rider weight of 264 LB!

Hear what they are saying!

Reviewed by Electrek!

Charging is made simple with the Hero. Quickly connect to charge your scooter with a design that's protected and convenient!

Front storage pouch: "fits a whole Chik-Fil-A meal" ~ Mark

Fold your Hero scooter fast with the quick and safe folding design!

Hero S8 Electric Scooter Video
Hero S8 Walkaround

Multi-Function LCD display with 10 setting options that allow you to change  acceleration strength, Electronic ABS and Zero Start options and more!

Hero's Incredible quick disconnects! Get parts changed in minutes!

Industrial waterproof connectors with car-grade cable wrap!

Hero has got the deck space!

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