Concept of Dual Hub Electric Scooter

Concept of Dual Hub Electric Scooter

The hub is the central part of the wheel and it rotates on an axle. In an electric kick scooter's case, they use a brushless motor as the hub of the scooter. Brushless motor is a motor that is powered by a DC (Direct Current) through a power supply (batteries) which produces electricity in the form of AC (Alternating Current). Brushless motor of hero storage bag uses magnets to generate power, the magnets cause no friction allowing the motor to generate less heat that results in better performance.

In brushed motor the brushes are made of carbon and its friction to the motors generate heat and slows the motor down. A single hub electric scooter contains one motor. Generally speaking, a single hub electric scooter is slower compared to a dual hub electric scooter.

Dual motor scooter is the one that have a motor in each wheel. When we turn a dual hub electric scooter on, the rear motor starts first while the front motor won't start until we press the button that will turn on dual-mode.    

It may not seem obvious at first but we would need that extra horsepower when overtaking public vehicles that are picking up/dropping off passengers. Those vehicles accelerate the same speed with most single hub electric scooters. The natural reaction would be overtaking because we are going straight ahead while they do their thing. While we overtake as a single hub electric scooter, it won't be long before those vehicles will beat us in our lane and collision will probably occur if we don't react accordingly.

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